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Design Consultancy

Tailored design related services are available occasionally. Design understood through years of handling and curating impeccable products alongside a formal architectural education. Specialist services are also available for researching and sourcing specific reference pieces.  Happy to get involved at any stage of the process. Please email with context surrounding the enquiry.


The A.R_chive collection has outgrown the confines of a personal wardrobe and is now available to be borrowed for creative professional purposes within the UK. The A.R_chive collection features past noteworthy pieces from illustrious fashion powerhouses to underground labels that never gained the notoriety it perhaps should have. The collection does not confine to a singular style or theme due to the appreciation for an extensive range of impactful obscure design. Many of the items featured were acquired based on years of research and exploration of predominantly menswear released from the 80s onwards.

To view select items from the A.R_chive collection please email with a thorough description of the intentions behind the request to borrow items and make sure to explain all parties involved, the dates that items will be required, budgets if any and any other additional information.