A design strategy engulfed by deep thinking. Setsumasa Kobayashi is an owner of a generous archive of military and outdoor themed garments, so it comes of no surprise that many of his designs reference and improve upon ideas originating from a variety of utilitarian items. Many design strategies are even in sync with Kobayashi’s absorption of 19th century American literature , in particular Henry D. Thoreau’s writings. Like Thoreau, he and many of his team even retreat to mountains and woods to refresh their minds. Kobayashi even owns a spectacular piece of architecture in the mountains that is an effortless amalgamation of a timber cabin and geodesic dome tents. Kobayashi's deep alignment with the mountain ranges is one of the reasons why in 2005 “General Research” became "Mountain Research" to navigate a more specific route for the brand. It’s truly remarkable how once just a footwear designer under the infamous designer Takeo Kikuchi has designed and perfected such a variety of products in his career.