Collection: STÜSSY

The youthful king.  The master of appropriation.  The gift that keeps on giving.  Almost everyone that’s into Stussy will keep running into gems that they haven't encountered before,  it’s the best part about this exciting never ending journey.  The sheer volume of great pieces that Stussy has delivered from inception in 1980 is incomprehensible. There truly is "no future without a past".  Whilst, some may question why Stussy sits besides brands such as CdG and Issey Miyake , the unsolicited relationship between such brands in different worlds are often not understood by many but is the precedent that streetwear today relies on, Stussy did that. The relationship is made clear by looking into the references that Stussy adopts from a vast variety of powerhouses in the once inaccessible, higher end of fashion. However, don’t assume the intricate references are only limited to the fashion world. The greatest streetwear brand ever, no doubt.