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Nike ACG

2001 Wailuku Grey / Mellow Yellow Sneakers (UK7)

2001 Wailuku Grey / Mellow Yellow Sneakers (UK7)

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Nike ACG 2001 Wailuku Grey / Mellow Yellow Sneakers (UK7)

Dont see this colourway too often.  Nice greys with a desaturated yellow (more subtle than these pics)

Rate the contrast of the softer upper opposed to the harsh deep tread soles.

Velcro closure with a lacing system tucked under neatly.

Good general condition very clean generally speaking however the soles have been reglued and there is some residue left over and its not fully flush.. There is a little bit of sole separation remaining. I believe there's a fair bit of wear left in these but you may have to reglue them some point down the line.

Tagged UK7 fits true imo.

Due to the shoe's age , a long life expectancy can not be guaranteed. However the soles still feel very much intact and solid in my opinion and I doubt a pair in better condition will surface any time soon. Purchase at your own risk.

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