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90s Tonal Green Puffer Jacket (L~XL)

90s Tonal Green Puffer Jacket (L~XL)

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Stussy 90s Tonal Green Puffer Jacket (L~XL)

Neat little embroidered stock logo- that will do.

Perfect staple.

What's really great about this is the interior is all effectively hand repaired from some tears and it feels very DIY which is an interesting contrast to a machine made stussy piece which was meant to be super clean and super “perfect” and I feel like most people would have abandoned a jacket with damage like that but this kind of care that someone put in is lovely to see and hopefully the new buyer will keep caring for the piece like that too.

3 zippered exterior compartments and 1 zippered interior compartment 

Great general condition on the exterior- just the effective hand done repairs on the inside and the drawstrings are quite worn out so maybe you wanna get them replaced some time down the line if you want to cinch the puffer and maybe that's the mark that you will be adding to this jacket.

Size notation has faded but fits a bit bigger than a large imo. May even work for a XL

Outer P2P 25

Shoulder to Bottom 27

Sleeve Length from Shoulder Tip 25

Shoulder Width 22

( All Approximate and in Inches )

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