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Deep Brown Smock Neck Hoody (L)

Deep Brown Smock Neck Hoody (L)

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Stussy Deep Brown Smock Neck Hoody (L)

Great quality even after all these years no bobbling on the exterior. Not too stiff of a fabric either fairly light but so very easy to move around in.

Impeccable colour, very versatile, a staple for any wardrobe.

Baggy wide fit.

Ribbing that not rigid and tight>

The more this fades and gets worn the more lovely it's gonna get.

No messing around it even has reinforced sleeves

Triple entry pouch style pockets wait what triple? Yeah man three individual zippered compartments.

Broken in and ready to be worn daily..

Finally the minimal Stussy branding just wraps it up both on the Hoody and the toggles

Great general condition, a bit of cracking on the lower branding which looks banging and some wear to the hood drawstrings.


P2P 24

Back Length Excluding Collar / Hood 27

( All Approximate and in Inches )

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