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White Open Collar Short Sleeve Shirt (L~XL)

White Open Collar Short Sleeve Shirt (L~XL)

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Oakley White Open Collar Short Sleeve Shirt (L~XL)


Too clean.


Too comfy - you could sleep in this 


100% Polyester. Polyester gets a bad rap but when it’s this comfy it can be justified. People whine a lot about the breathability of the fabric but you can have the most breathable fabric but if the garment isn't cut well it’s never gonna be comfortable. This piece on the other hand is cut beautifully. I own several vintage polyester shirts and I would rather wear them than any of my cotton shirts even in the most humid of countries. I'm not an advocate for new polyester products though, there's plenty of older used good polyester shirts out there trust me.


This Oakley logo is too elegant - not many better ones out there. Constructed of a rigid tough plastic that firmly adhered to the front asymmetrical breast pocket.


You guys should know how I feel about the open collar plus the square hem combo by now.


Great condition.


Tagged Large fits a bit bigger imo , boxy though.


P2P 25

Shoulder to Bottom 27.5

( All Approximate and in Inches )

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